Jeane. Complicated person. Certified fangirl since 1992. Ultimate introvert. Multi-shipper.

I make photo manips.

I usually post/reblog about my obsessions and things that I can completely relate my weird self to--which you can find in my 'That's So Me' page.

My fandoms are wayyyy too many to enumerate... so.. you'll have to probably guess based from my posts :P


I know I’ve been out for a loooooooong time. And honestly, I’m not in process of any movie poster request right now because school is hell, so I really hope you’ll still stick with me until I’m able to make your requests come true.

Thank you :D And here’s the latest movie poster I made very recently and crammed, for my friend, Colleen Baquisal, who’s running for COMMSOC Secretary in our school. It’s one of the many campaign materials I made for her. I’ll try to upload the others, I just want to share them to all of you here. It’s a school thing also. And as a campaign manager, it’s a good and effective thing to make all her materials eye-catching and unique just like this.

I also made an Audio Video Presentation for her. It’s a mini movie, and I think it’s one of the most successful ones.

Anyone of my followers a COMM Student in MIRIAM COLLEGE, Please do VOTE COLLEEN BAQUISAL AS COMMSOC SECRETARY! You won’t regret it!

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